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Multiply your Social Media Traffic

Having a social media presence is very important in this era and especially in current times. But whats a social media account without followers.

It is everyone’s objective that their social media posts, announcements, pictures, videos reach the maximum number of people possible, but sadly this is a difficult to achieve dream for a lot of us. .

In this blog we are going to see a few ways in which you can increase your social traffic and engagement by not just double but by multiples.

1. Hit a homerun in the first few minutes

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Your posts’ popularity is not decided by the amount of engagement received in the first day or the first few hours, but rather it is judged by the amount of engagement in the first few minutes.

So whenever you have a post that you want to be especially popular make sure that you give it as much boost as possible, that too as soon as it is online. Use push notifications, messages, and anything else that works. But be heard. Because only then will people like, comment, share it. Make the first 10-15 minutes count.

2. Post on Multiple Platforms

Whenever you post something on one platform, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is perfect for that platform and that it will get instantaneous popularity and that too fast.

To make a post gain fast popularity, it is advisable that you post on different platforms. This was your target reach not only increases but also diversifies.

To make things simpler; the type of people on Facebook differs from the type of people on Twitter or Instagram which differs from the type of people on LinkedIn.

And although it’s not necessary that all platforms bring you the same amount of engagement.

it’s also true that posting on multiple platforms will substantially increase your reach.

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3. Increase Engagement

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How many times have we seen a post and just scrolled trough without taking any actions. Many, right? But we don’t want this happening to our posts.

So design your posts in such a way that it calls for action, it makes the people want to react and talk to you

Ask questions. Because when you ask a question people tend to comment. And posts with more comments are ranked higher in popularity that posts with just likes, for the obvious reason that commenting takes more time and energy.

And ask questions that call for specific answers; open ended questions always fare better than close ended.

4. Fame Tags

Sometimes, and only sometimes, what you post can be connected to a famous personality or brand or organization. At such times tag them in your post.

And if you are lucky they may retweet or comment or accept (depending on the platform) and this could be just the boost that your posts needs. So use it sparingly. Be very careful, considerate and smart when doing this.

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So these were some ways by which to multiply traffic to your social media. Try them, experiment with them and find what works for you.