Media Management

Spreadator doesn’t buy ads, we don’t put up billboards nor do we write stories for reporters. Thinking, how can we probably help you increase brand visibility? Well, Spreadator is a media management PR agency and promotes your business via coverage. This is free media as opposed to paid media or advertisements.


Un-Rivalled Levels of Service

Media Management is a business administration which deals with identification and description of strategic and operational problems. It consists of:

Going Social

The world is going social. There are plenty of social media channels out there that offer a chance for entrepreneurs to connect with their potential customers and investors. More often than not, users visit the Facebook page of the service they want to buy. At the Facebook page, they get their hands on information about the service and can also make the purchase.

Platform Utlization

Every social media platform helps you cater to a specific group of customers active on the platform. As every social media platform is different, therefore our professionals make sure that we have a specific message customized for each said platform. For instance – Instagram may work best for fashion segment and Facebook may work for e-marketplace, the same is not true for the IT industry product.

Framework And Distribution

We cover the planning and organization process along with controlling the framework and distribution of the information.

Brand Is Unique

We treat every brand in a unique manner. Our team of expert PR professionals has the required expertise to ensure that your business gets the necessary attention from targeted customers.

Role of Spreadator in Managing Media for your Business

Build Media Presence

At Spreadator, we have a wide network of contacts. Thus, we are able to build a solid hold on print, online media and electronic media management. By building a strong media presence, we make sure our clients and their services leave lasting impressions.

Press Conferences

Good products need to stay in people’s mind. This is the reason, we help our clients organize press conferences and meet their potential customers through the right channels to get their story heard. A press conference is one of the best marketing tools to reach out to potential investors, target audience and stakeholders.

Crisis Management

As a growing business, you ought to come across challenges and situations that may hold you down. Therefore, it is important to manage the crises while keeping the company’s image intact. Crisis management team at Spreadator will devise strategies keeping your business goals, structure and values in mind.

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