About our agency

About Our Company in Brief

We are a team of experts specialized in creative digital marketing and PR that helps businesses to establish as brands.

We are storytellers who love to play with words and build powerful brands.

Our creative professionals make it easy for your brand to hog the limelight.

Public Relations

We collect relevant data to make our research and strategies effective while offering measurable results. We generate leads and build awareness about your brand to increase business ROI.

Social Media Management

Social media has taken the world by storm. Therefore, it is important to run paid promotions, data-driven programs and indulge in creative content marketing. By hiring us, you can avail these benefits and more.

Secure Your Reputation

Successful businesses always have competitors who are ready to ruin the company’s image in front of the customers. But our brand reputation experts will make sure no negative comment harm your business ever.

Improving Image

It is not about how to say or what you say. Rather, it is about how your potential audience sees your company and how they react. We make sure to always present your business in a positive light.

Why Choose us?

Hiring one of the best PR agents will bring their skills and knowledge to the tables which your in-house team may be missing. There are plenty of reasons why you should trust XYZ Communication.
Experience and Knowledge
We are a team of expert professionals who have years of experience to back our knowledge. So if your plate is already full of responsibilities, we will take care of the marketing aspect to convert your company into a brand.
Increase Return On Investment
Nowadays, PR metrics are not based on ROI alone; rather, we will focus on driving potential customers to your website, increasing consumers’ engagement on social media channels and running successful online campaigns.
Build Awareness
As we have spent years working in the industry, we have created relationships that will help your business build and protect its reputation both online and offline.
Stay Ahead of Competitors
Every day your business is trying to compete in the crowded and well-established competitive market. This is when Spreadators can help you develop a strategy that will focus on your company’s strength, unique selling proposition and make you stand out from the competition.

What We Do?

Started by a group of publicists, Spreadator follows a creative approach to offer innovative yet interesting solutions to traditional communications. We believe in strategic planning and innovative approach to build brands. Our team of multi-generational professionals is knowledgeable, motivated and experienced to offer the best solutions to our customers. No matter what the platform is, we specialize in helping businesses achieve their marketing objectives, grab the attention of potential customers and increase their return on investment (ROI). We offer unmatched services that have maximum impact on the growth of your business.