Corporate Social Responsibility

Once believed to be tangential to the main business, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is fast becoming a standard practice. At Spreadator, we understand that CSR and Public Relations often go hand in hand and thus strive to offer you the best services.

Previously, businesses used to consider the growth of the company, ROI and the incurred costs as the primary parameters to count the success of a business. However, nowadays, businesses are hiring PR agents as customers want to know more about ventures and brands they are buying products from or are doing business with. Spreadators help companies embrace Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as a part of the business and earn profits.

What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

Corporate Social Responsibility is a management concept where companies choose to integrate environmental and social concerns in their business along with interacting with the company’s stakeholders. This is when Spreadators will make it easy to integrate different aspects and run your business successfully.
CSR can also be defined as a code of conduct followed by a company which is beyond the legal limits and trade rules. It can be anything from offering ethical education to the employees to adopting ecologically friendly ways. It helps a business create a positive attitude thus leading to increased sales, an external interest of stakeholders and loyal customers.

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Role of PR agents

Strategic Communicators
While previously public relation agents were hired for publicity, they have matured beyond these narrow functions. Now they serve as strategic communicators to help companies grow. When working in conjugation with CSR, PR agent can help devise and deploy programs that will create credibility among customers and stakeholders.
Masters of Digital Communications
With great knowledge and insight of Social media platforms, we will make it easy for a business to use social media channels for their benefit. We deliver valuable strategic insights and resources to make it easy for businesses to keep their stakeholders informed.
Attract the attention of the audience
Dependability and accuracy are the key to CSR outreach, thus as an entrepreneur, make sure you know its importance. While you may have an overview of your CSR audience, Spreadator professionals will help you dig deeper and attract the potential audience toward your business.
Targeting the Internal Influencers
While targeting the potential customers and stakeholders, it is very easy to overlook internal influencers – Your Employees!! Corporate social responsibility programs are based on empowering the employees who can motivate change across the company. In simple words, think of the many Facebook friends, Linkedin connections, Twitter followers and other connections your employees may be having. So encourage your employees to share activities that may be taking place in your office and reshare some of the posts on your official channel.

In the nut shell, CSR is all about responsible business actions while constantly improving your business. Spreadator makes sure the marketing does not exceed the actual work. We will ensure your message come across as less promotional and transparent. By taking control of the situation, we can leverage CSR activities as relevant to the stakeholders and customers.