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Media Relations

Spreadator helps your business get more exposure using Media Relations. Being your PR agents, we understand the power of advertising and marketing your business. Thus we make sure to use them for the benefit and growth of your company.


Spreadator and Media Relations

Research The Angle

Before we choose to write the pitch, we make sure to research your story's angle. This gives us an opportunity to check whether the story has been covered beforehand. If yes, we give a new perspective to the story. We make sure to undertake the research work as we believe that even a little research can help us a long way portray your company in a positive light.

Some More Preparations

The work does not end after writing the story. Rather, it begins at this point. The media may come back asking for interviews, background information or more. Thus as PR professionals with years of knowledge, we will prepare for these possibilities beforehand and make sure that your business story is presented in the best manner.

Reach Out To Media

After we have collected all the important information and prepared an interesting story, the next step is to reach out to the media. If your business has never reached out to the media, we will introduce your business to the world. We will be targeting potential customers and making sure they show interest in your services.

Express Your Intentions

As a brand, you shall be sharing relevant and helpful information that will go a long way and help you build a great rapport with your stakeholders, customers, and employees. Here you must remember that the pros of good and bad Public Relation (PR) services. So we will help you make it clear to the media that you are one of the best service providers and are not here to waste their time.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

You have the advantage to amplify your digital news via social media. Help out a reporter, share his news, like it, comment it, etc. We will help you take advantage of different social media channels to connect with your targeted audience. This will help you stand out from your competitors.

Amplify News

Don’t think our job finishes when you have received media coverage. We make sure to show some appreciation by sharing the news across your social networks, in the newsroom and email newsletters. We do all that it takes to bring readers to the said piece of news.

Tell Us About Your Business

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