Media Training

Facing the media can be intimidating for some entrepreneurs as the cameras, journalists and their never-ending questions can make anyone fumble. So whether you are a novice or an expert in handling the media attention, Spreadator will fine-tune your speaking skills, help you sail confidently through an interview and convey your message with ease.

In today’s highly competitive world, it is important to build confidence and credibility around your organization. This is when media helps you convey your message to the targeted audience in an easy manner. At Spreadators, we train company’s spokespeople by offering extensive training and making it easy for them to identify and deliver the key message across to the media.

The Need for Media Training

You may feel that you are confident enough to speak for your company, and investing in media training is waste of money. Well, you are completely wrong. While you may be confident to handle the media and cameras, it is important to air your point of view in a well-planned manner.

Today, the world is information hunger and there are various social media channels, traditional media resources and news aggregators who are looking forward to grabbing latest news about your company. While you may be confident, there are high chances that you may dread media interviews.
New age communication is all about connecting with your potential customers and helping them understand your business and services in a better manner. So when media is harnessed properly, it gives an opportunity to deliver your message and increase your reach.
You may be an exceptionally good leader and possess great knowledge about your business. However, facing the cameras require a different skill set. In other words, if you lack proper media training, there are high chances that you will miss golden media opportunities.

How can we help you in Midia Training?

Spreadator professionals work closely with the client and understand their business well. Further, we make sure that company’s spokesperson that is going to face the media is well trained and adequate to handle the interview.

We help you become proactive, understand the psyche of the journalists and make sure to ace the interview. We also make it easier for the company’s representative to get more coverage in the media, press and through social media management. Our courses are tailored to help your company get the most out of the press and other media channels.

With us, you will be able to paint a realistic picture of the company thus increasing credibility among press and consumers. Since everyone wants to ace the interview, here are few tips that you must consider:
  • Do not panic
  • Do not mislead the journalists or give out false information
  • Every interview is important, so treat it like one
  • Give out facts that can be backed by numbers
  • Never ask the journalists to review their story
  • If the question is not clear, ask for a clarification rather than answering something out of the blue

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